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Helen Jane Meyrick
Date: Sep 05, 2011

Had a fantastic time on the Solestry Weekend. Jane Sheehan is a great teacher and passionate about her subject. Learnt so much - I never realised how revealing my feet & toes could be! Bri...
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What our Students say

Re Jenny's comments, I attended the same course. It was a great weekend helped along by the fantastic Gower weather. I have been a therapist for 17 years but also work in an office. I have suffered from stress myself in the past and see stress management as a complement to my current therapy business. It will be great to advise people how to change their lives for the better. Knowing that the Zodiac staff are there to give continued support is wonderful. Not every training company offer this. Thanks Zodiac.


Date of Posting: 03 May 2011
Posted By: Julie Croad
Pontyclun, Llantrisant

Having just attended a great weekend in Swansea,I can highly recommend the stress management course for these reasons:The high standard of the course.The dynamic and humorous delivery of the course content by David the tutor.I did not expect to have fun,given the nature of the subject but I did,thanks to his anecdotes and wealth of experience and lastly for the care that the Alan and Bridgette have for their students and people in general,I'll be back soon! Jenny Lester April 2011


Date of Posting: 26 April 2011
Posted By: Jenny Lester
tutor of beauty/holistic therapy., BRISTOL

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the Indian Head Massage course this weekend – already looking forward to the 2nd part. Many thanks to Alan for providing excellent and enjoyable tuition.


Date of Posting: 28 March 2011
Posted By: Gaynor Griffiths

I attended the solestry course in January 2011 & oh my goodness! it was fab! Really well organised & Jane is so funny! She immediately put us all at ease. Thank you so much to Bridgette for organising it & to Jane for coming & sharing her knowledge, experience & humour! love & blessings xx


Date of Posting: 10 February 2011
Posted By: helen gallienne-smith

A fantastic course taught by a fantastic teacher... Alan has a wealth of knowledge in Reiki and delivered it expertly. I am now looking for more courses to attend with Zodiac Complementary Therapy Training


Date of Posting: 01 February 2011
Posted By: Paul Ross

Having recently completed my First Degree Reiki (Sho Den) course, I would like to thank and compliment Alan and Bridgette on an excellent weekend of learning, the motivation to learn reiki was to enable me to work on those people close to me and my animals but I've found the greatest benefit has been being able to treat myself. Having what I consider at times to be quite a stressful job, the ability to take time out for 'me' is priceless! Many, many thanks.


Date of Posting: 06 December 2010
Posted By: Kerry Williams

Many thanks for the wonderful Indian Head Massage Course and Ayurveda Massage Therapy course taken with tutor Natasha Marchant recently.It was a fabulous course and very informative also friendly and at a nice steady pace with no pressure.The training days had a buzz of excitement and a very rewarding feel afterwards. Thank you all for making my future seem positive in the hope it will further my career plan in Holistic Therapy. I dared to dream and now it's a reality......THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH...


Date of Posting: 30 November 2010
Posted By: Jane Minto
Now a mobile complementary Holistic Therapist (Thanks to Zodiac and Gaiatri ), Cardiff

I have just finished the Ayurvedic training with Natasha Marchant and I found her teaching very inspirational and a healing experience in itself. The ayurvedic teachings have set me on a path that has been nothing short of life changing and I cannot recommend her and the Zodicac Complementary Therapy Training highly enough.


Date of Posting: 27 November 2010
Posted By: Anna Payton
Complementary therapist, Caerphilly

Having completed the Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma with Zodiac in 2007-08 my practice has continued to grow steadily. The professionalism and dedication shown to all students is second to none. Alan and Bridgitte are truly inspirational in many ways and continue to support therapists through the peer groups they run and are always on hand to offer support and guidance whenever required. Thank you for your professional friendship.


Date of Posting: 19 November 2010
Posted By: Andrew Dennis
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Sports Therapist, Swansea

Have thoroughly enjoyed the four courses I've done so far with Zodiac Complementary Therapy Training. Always friendly, informal and extremely helpful with all aspects of the course - they will even help find accommodation if necessary! Help is still at hand afterwards too which is wonderful as real life situations invariably throw something unforeseen at you. Many, many thanks. Carol


Date of Posting: 28 October 2010
Posted By: Carol Hughes
Complementary therapist working in Crickhowell and Abergavenny area, Abergavenny

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