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Michael Walker
Date: Feb 13, 2010

The hypnotherapy course was one of the most enjoyable courses I have attended it has been informative and professionally presented. I would thoroughly recommend this course to others
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'Children Walking Tall' - Zodiac's International Project

As the directors of Zodiac Complementary Therapy Training, one of our business policies, as well as a personal belief  is to support charities and deserving causes wherever possible.   In the past, Zodiac have supported organisations such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Sandville Self Help Centre and Old Mill Cancer Foundation, but for some time, we had wanted to work with an International Charity.   
It was during our own research however that we discovered Children Walking Tall - a UK-registered charity based in India - which aims to help provide children living in the slums and on the streets of Goa with a childhood worth remembering.   We met with Rob, the Charity Founder, and found the whole experience so humbling.  On returning from India we decided that we wanted to help Rob and the team as much as possible in providing these delightful children with a childhood worth remembering.  As a Company, Zodiac regularly contribute to this Charity and also plan to visit the Charity in the near future to help out through their volunteer programme which of course, will also be open to all our students who wish to volunteer.  If you visit Goa then please visit Children Walking Tall  we can asure you it will change your outlook on life and change your life as it has for us. Rob, Ali ,Savita, the ladies in the kitchen and all the great people who volunteer to help the children, your an inspiration to us all !
There are thousands of slum and street children in Goa alone, from orphans to runaways escaping poverty, neglect and abuse. The children originate from all over India and may travel hours to Goa, either with families or alone, believing- often wrongly- there will be opportunities for work from the tourist industry. They build basic homes from bamboo, plastic, cardboard or corrugated iron, forming slum communities on any spare land they can find. Street children often work 13-hour days rag-picking, selling plastic bags in the fish markets, or begging. As they get older and lose the vulnerability that tends to bring in a small amount of money, they often fall into petty crime and substance abuse. These children are at increased risk of malnutrition, abuse, illness and neglect. Children Walking Tall aims to offer the children a springboard out of poverty through the provision of food, shelter, medical care, and education, either in the safe and playful environment of the in-house centre, Mango House, or through visits to the slums.
As at July 2011, Zodiac together with the support of their tutors, students and friends have managed to raise a grand total of £1,385 for the Charity - a huge thank you to all and also to those who have donated independantly directly to the Charity -  your support is greatly appreciated
                                                                                             'Children Walking Tall'