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Date: Apr 10, 2010

Having attended and completed 5 courses with Zodiac, and also booked more courses for the future. I’m delighted and proud to say that I thoroughly enjoyed being taught by Zodiac’s tutors. The c...
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Hopi Ear Candling Practitioner Course (Thermo Auricular Therapy)

Duration - 1 day includes acupressure facial routine

FHT & IPTI Accredited and Approved by Other Major Organisations

Ear Candling has a consistent record of success in promoting positive health, and there is much speculation on the question, 'How does it work?'  Throughout the training you will be given the background knowledge which will enable you as a therapist to carry out this wonderful therapy.  The fact that ear candling has a rich and ancient history in many cultures indicates that it is a powerful healing tool, as useful today as it was in former times.  Modern research has proven what the ancients instinctively knew - that it works on a physical, emotional and subtle energy level, and we will look at all these aspects throughout the training.

 Aim of the Course:

  • Theory                                                               
    • Give a detailed account of the history of Hopi ear candles
    • Describe the limitations of this treatment
    • Describe the functions of the ear
    • Recognise the main bones and muscles of the skull, sinuses and sinus conditions
    • Understand contra-indications and indications of this treatment                                            
    • Describe the structure of the candle
    • Understand and explain how the candles workBiosun
    • Types of ear candles
    • Factors affecting choice of candles
    • The benefits of ear candling and much more...

A comprehensive colour manual will be provided.

  • Practical
    • Take case history
    • Know how to conduct a treatment
    • Safety precautions before, during and after treatment
    • Acupresure facial routine
    • Understand after-care advice and much more.....

As a complementary therapy, ear candling does not claim to cure any disorders.  However, therapists who carry out this treatment all agree that one of its most marked effect on their client is a feeling of relaxation.  When the body reaches this state many positive health benefits can occur.   The parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, leading to lowered heart and respiratory rates and increased peristalsis in the digestive system.  This state of relaxation produces positive healing chemicals in the body and is an antidote to the harmful chemicals produced when the body is under constant stress.  There is much anecdotal evidence showing the positive effect of ear candling on clients suffering with many condtions such as excessive ear wax, sinus problems, stress related problems and many more.

Cost of course including full colour manual £95 (£30 deposit)

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