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Karen Collins
Date: Feb 13, 2010

3 years ago I needed a change of direction. Little did I know how far my life would change for the better, all thanks to Zodiac. I started my journey by completing the Reiki level 1 course and In...
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Indian Head Massage Practitioner Course (Penassage)

First Part (2 days) and Second Part  (1 assessment day) (3 days in total with home study/practical sessions in between Parts 1 & 2)

FHT & IPTI Accredited and Approved by Other Major Organisations

A complete, professional, Advanced Practitioner Course.

We offer a fully accredited course for those who want to be recognised as an Indian Head Practitioner, run over two sessions. On completion you will be awarded an advanced certificate which will entitle you to the benefits of joining leading associations and the advantage of their competitive insurance rates. You can, of course, add this qualification to your present insurance cover. 

  • Indian Head Massage slides
  • Indian Head Massage slides

 The First Part will include:-

  • Understand and explain the history and concept of Indian Head massage
  • Understand, explain and demonstrate the Holistic Approach
  • Importance of the treatment of the whole person in relation to holistic health and the power of touch
  • Concept of homeostasis
  • Understand and explain the effects and benefits of Indian Head Massage
  • Understand and recognise common ailments and contraindications to Indian Head Massage
  • Understand and explain common ailments which can be treated
  • Understand and recognise conditions of the neck and shoulders
  • Understand and explain the classical massage movements
  • Understand and explain the structures they are working over and their function

The Second Part will include:

  • Understand and explain the effect of Indian Head Massage on the main systems of the body
  • Understand and explain the importance of referral procedures
  • Understand and explain methods of consultation
  • Demonstrate appropriate client care and ensure client displays open body language
  • Understand and recognise scalp conditions
  • Evaluate and review the Indian Head Massage treatment/programme
  • Understand and explain the possible side effects to Indian Head Massage
  • Understand and explain the positions of the Chakras and their representation
  • Understand what is meant by the term accupressure points
  • Demonstrate Indian Balancing Technique
  • Understand and explain possible contra-actions
  • Demonstrate and explain how to give appropriate homecare advice after treatment


Cost of Course £190 (£95 each part)

Full Colour Manual & Chakra Chart provided

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