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Pat Cadwaladr
Date: Oct 19, 2010

I really enjoyed the workshop with Dr David Hamilton on 17th October 2010 - it was one of the best trainings I've been to and during my training I've attended loads and also since qualified I have ...
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Reiki Courses

All Zodiac's Reiki courses are taught by registered Reiki Master Teacher and all courses are accredited enabling you to obtain insurance upon completion of training.

FHT & IPTI Accredited & Approved by other major Associations

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  • Dr Mikao slideshow

Learn the ancient healing art of Reiki in the Usui form of natural healing.  The courses are taught in the 'pure and simple' form of Reiki with no extra unnecessary add ons.  Universal Life Force is the natural energy that runs around and through all living things.  Reiki is the technique by which you can harness this energy to help self and others.

Learn to use Reiki for yourself - to help protect and keep you well and to work on others freely or professionally.  Reiki is a simple technique and anyone can learn it, yet extremely powerful.  It does not conflict with any religion or belief system.  We are very fortunate that our teachers were taught by a Reiki Master who was married to a Japanese Reiki Master and lived in Japan and studied Reiki extensively, therefore,  the training is very close to the source.   Our Reiki Masters are accepted Nationally and Internationally.  They have worked clinically for over 20 years and this experience can be invaluable to their students.  They have been consulted by and helped a number of Associations in the regulation of Reiki and attended the first Integrated Health Meetings in London.    All students will be able to trace their lineage back to the Founder of Reiki - Mikao Usui and will receive a copy of lineage. 

All Reiki Degree Courses, as with all our courses, are Nationally recognised by all leading Associations & Guilds and all Insurance Companies. 

First Degree Reiki - Sho Den (2 days) - £120

This course allows the student to access the Reiki energy for self development and healing of self and others. During First Degree course you receive four attunements, which greatly increase the energy flow through your system.  The background and history of Reiki is covered.  You also learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment and how to treat others.  There is in-depth training and plenty of time for practising during the class.  You also learn ways to use Reiki for self development. Each student is advised to work with the energy before taking the next step of Second Degree. 

Second Degree Reiki - Oku Den (2 days) - £210


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(Recognised by most Organisations/Associations as Practitioner Level).  Second Degree Reiki in the traditional Usui system of healing allows the Practitioner more tools to help self and others.  Second Degree gives you all the knowledge of Reiki healing.  Three of the four symbols that come together to make Reiki are taught at this level.  You will learn how to draw and access the Reiki vibration for each symbol and how to apply them to their best potential for your clients and yourself.  You will learn a system that has the ability to cleanse and balance emotional and spiritual problems. You will also learn how to access the Reiki energy in a more condensed and economic way.  A technique that allows you to offer Reiki transcending time and space is also taught at this level.  An accredited Certificate is Internationally/Nationally presented on completion.


Third Degree Reiki - Reiki Master/Teacher - Shinpi Den

This course is for those who wish to teach others to become Reiki Practitioners and pass the Reiki ability to others.  It is taught on a 1-2-1 basis (apprentice style).  To enrol on this level an informal interview is required to ensure both tutor and student are happy.  Alan represented Zodiac as the only Welsh College attending the first Integrated Medicine Meetings in London regarding Reiki and also played a key role in setting the standards in Reiki advising a number of Associations and Guilds and, therefore, students can rest assured that the training they will complete will be to the highest standard and delivered in its 'pure and simple' form without the need for any unnecessary 'add ons'.     For more information please contact us.



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