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Emotional Freedom Therapy - Practitioner Level

Duration - 2 days

Accredited by FHT, IPTI, GHR and approved by other major Organisations/Associations

Emotional Freedom Therapy is often thought of as psychological acupressure which can often work where all else fails.  It is based on the central Discovery Statement that :-

All negative emotions are caused by a disruption
of the body's energy system

  • EFT slideshow
  • EFT slideshow

This technique corrects those disruptions that relate to whatever negative emotion is being focused on at that particular time. 

Even though this 'different' technique works and works well, the theoretical science behind it may not be fully understood.  However, we will, on this course explore the original theory of Emotional Freedom Therapy and consider our own theory based on practical experience.

Throughout the training we will explore:-

  • The history of EFT
  • The Merdiain System
  • The technique and how to achieve it
  • How to accurately compose the correct affirmation
  • How to find the root cause
  • How to measure progress
  • Disassociation approach
  • Emotional Freedom Therapy theory
  • The tapping sequence
  • Working on location
  • Contra-indications and limited plus much more...

There will be demonstrations and time to practice within the Therapy Centre.


Cost : £180

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