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Jenny Lester
Date: Apr 26, 2011

Having just attended a great weekend in Swansea,I can highly recommend the stress management course for these reasons:The high standard of the course.The dynamic and humorous delivery of the course...
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Hypnotherapy & IBS Workshop

One Day IBS Workshop Speaker: Michael Mahoney. The UK Register of IBS Therapists (Listed in Family Doctor Books series published in association with the British Medical Association BMA

Duration - 1 day

Approved by all major Associations & Organisations as CPD

Zodiac are pleased to be able to be working with Michael Mahoney in bringing this excellent one day workshop to South Wales.   Michael Mahoney is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in professional practice since 1986, specialised in IBS since 1991. He holds membership of several primary care societies. Michael’s services are used by GP’s / NHS & Private Hospital Consultants throughout the North West of England, and beyond. He has Medical Research Project Experience funded and audited by the Medical Profession. He is a trained Trainer of NHS HoNoS. He regularly presents to Medical Forums on both Hypnosis and Stress Management which have been PGEA (GP Training) Accredited. In October 2001 he presented his work in IBS to the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Primary Care Society. He has worked as a consultant at a local hospital one day a week working alongside psychiatrists and other medical personnel. In March 2002 he was asked to give evidence to an NHS Priority Sub Setting Committee regarding IBS and its impact on the patient and a proposed structure to allow hypnotherapy for IBS management to be used on the NHS. He also holds membership of several international education and research groups.

Michaels’ Practice -TimeLine Services: Administrators of the IBS Register & established service providers to Regional NHS Occupational Health Departments, Corporate Organisations and local government. Providing caring services to the carers such as Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management Workshops and more.

The Benefits and uses of Hypnotherapy With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The day will consist of:

  • Explanation of all IBS variations
  • How to mitigate and / or remove symptoms completely, of this troublesome complaint, which affects up to 1 in 4 of the population at some times in their lives!

This Workshop will cover Patient Counselling / Information gathering, IBS Variation Recognition, Aetiology, Pathogenesis, Understanding Medical Terms, Structuring & Planning sessions, Monitoring Responses & Feedback, Scripts, Managing Secondary Gain Issues, Replying to Referring Consultants and more ... No medical or clinical training is necessary; this workshop is designed for Lay Hypnotherapists in Practice. All delivered in an easy to understand way, with humour, sensitivity and in-depth knowledge. 

Completion will allow the attendee to apply for IBS Register Membership in the OPSIM classification of their website. Take advantage now, prepare for and specialise in a field that is growing, use proven methods of improvement from one of the recognised leaders in this field.

Registration 9.30 for 10.00 ending approx 4.45pm

You will receive plenty of handout information, including scripts to take home with you.

Cost - £125