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Lorraine Owens
Date: Apr 10, 2010

In the last six months I have completed two courses with Zodiac Complementary Therapy, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course content on each occasion. The team at Zodiac have been more than helpful,...
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The Benefits & Uses of Hypnotherapy with Cancer Patients

Duration - 1 Day Working with Cancer Patients Workshop

Zodiac are pleased to be able to be working with Michael Mahoney in bringing this excellent one day workshop to South Wales.   Michael Mahoney is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in professional practice since 1986.   The course Michael is running for us is 'Working with Cancer Patients and the Benefits and uses of Hypnotherapy'.

The day will consist of:

  • An Introduction to the disease
  • Treatment options
  • Hypnotherapy and its uses in this area.

This Workshop looks at: What cancer is, causes of cancer, benign and malignant tumours, metastasis, staging and tumour classifications, treatments, the cancer journey, surgery, radiotherapy what is it, and its side effects, chemotherapy, other treatment options, mitigation of causes, patient experience, survivorship, end of life issues. We take a look at the immune system, recognising spirituality, psychological impact, understanding bad news and its impact, lifestyle factors, integrating complementary therapy & clinical governance (basics contract with patients), basic terminology and more, including case studies & Hypnotherapy scripts for relaxation, anticipatory nausea, pre / post surgery, pain control, emotional recovery, and end of life.

Attendees should leave this workshop with a better understanding of cancer and its impact on the patient and their loved ones, and some of the benefits and uses of hypnotherapy in this area. This will be a full and busy day; ideal to help those considering entering this rewarding field. This workshop is designed for Lay Hypnotherapists in Practice.

Michael Mahoney is a Clinical Hypnotherapist being in professional practice since 1986. Widely known for his work in the gastrointestinal field he also has extensive experience in the field of working with cancer patients, with particular interest in breast cancer and emotional recovery. He has research and patient piloting experience working with breast cancer patients. He is the author of the widely acclaimed CD ‘An aid to Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer’ for which he received an Innovation and Research Award in 2005. This CD is used or recommended as an additional treatment option in over 110 NHS Hospitals, with information included in discharge packs from many breast cancer departments. Michael received his certificate in working with people with cancer from National Cancer ‘Czar’ Professor Mike Richards in 2005 accredited by the University of West England.
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Michael holds membership of several primary care societies, his services are used by GP’s / NHS & Private Hospital Consultants throughout the North West of England, and beyond. He has Medical Research Project Experience funded and audited by the Medical Profession. He is a trained Trainer of NHS HoNoS. He presents to Medical Forums on both Hypnosis and Stress Management which have been PGEA (GP Training) Accredited. He also has experience presenting to medical forums on the uses of hypnotherapy with IBS patients. He has worked as a consultant at a local hospital working alongside psychiatrists and other medical professionals. He also holds membership of several international education and research groups.

Michaels’ Practice -TimeLine Services: Are the administrators of the IBS Register & are established service providers to Regional NHS Occupational Health Departments, Corporate Organisations and local government. Providing care services to the carers such as Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Stress Management Workshops, outplacement services and more. Registration is at 9.30am for a 10.00am start and finishing at approx. 4.45pm.

Cost : £125